The internet is always up to something and the latest move made a superfan of either Will Smith or Cardi B is a hilarious video that sees a mashup between the two acts. As seen below, someone creatively put Will Smith's face onto Cardi B's body for her 2017 Jimmy Fallon interview. The audio hears Cardi B explain just where her name came from and how it once got pulled from Instagram. 

"You know what, my sister name is Hennessy, so everybody used to call me Bacardi," Cardi B explained to Jimmy Fallon. "Then it was my Instagram name, Bacardi, Bacardi B." However, her account kept getting deleted. "I think it was Bacardi [the alcohol company] that had something to do with it," she added.

Will was clearly a fan of the clip, writing "Y’all are doin’ Too Much!! Hahaha... This is SO GOOD. Anybody know who did this??" The "Press" rapper followed up writing, "Who did this to us."

In other Cardi news, she recently spoke about her music and let it be known that she really does write most of her lyrics. 

"I do write a lot of my shit that’s the thing," she wrote on Twitter. "Yes just like every other artist I do have a couple writer that help with hooks but I wrote plenty of songs on my album specially my mixtape .Ya just flip shit and ya want to believe the fuck shit so bad but EAT IT UP BITCH!"