Everyone’s favorite face to hate (or just favorite face if you’re from New England) is going to be everywhere for a while. After pulling off a historically improbable comeback win in Super Bowl 51, a report from Deadline says that a book and a feature film are being created about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

At this point, you’re either retching or cheering. The film will be written by the people who penned The Fighter, another Boston sports story. The movie won’t just be about the most recent Super Bowl though (Falcons fans can stop clenching their fists now). It will also chronicle the quarterback’s controversial suspension for the Deflategate debacle back in 2014. We’d be shocked if the team’s interception against the Seahawks didn’t also make an appearance.

The writers will be puling directly from people who were present in the locker room for the Patriots most recent Super Bowl win. Given how many people hate Tom Brady and the Patriots, we aren’t sure how this movie will make money.