Over the course of the past year or so, Snoop Dogg has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to narrate a segment called "Plizzanet Earth," a spoof of the award-winning BBC nature program "Planet Earth." Given the popularity and universal acclaim of "Plizzanet Earth," it was only a matter of time before someone started a petition for Snoop to narrate a full season of the actual "Planet Earth."

David Attenborough is the narrator gawd, but seeing as "Planet Earth" is the ultimate stoner television program, Snoop would be a natural fit. "Snoop Dogg has narrated some Planet Earth in the past but yo we need him to narrate full episodes," the petition reads. "Sign the petition if you agree."

The petition is rapidly closing in on its goal of 2,500 signatures... head here to sign and watch some classic "Plizzanet Earth" moments below.