Sonny Digital & Black Boe "Been Had" Video

Aron A.
August 14, 2017 20:09

Sonny Digital & Black Boe flex for their "Been Had" video.

Sonny Digital is a man of many hats. He's proven to be a talented rapper on top of being an incredible producer. While he is predominantly known for his production, Sonny teamed up with fellow Atlanta artist Black Boe. Black Boe is actually better known as Quez from the group Travis Porter. Toegther, both Sonny and Black Boe released their collaboration project The Black Goat earlier this year. While you'd typically expect Sonny Digital to be the man behind the production on the project, he grabs other producers for their beat-making assistance on The Black Goat and focuses more on the rapping side. 

The two artists dropped their first video for the project around the same time they released it for the song "Last Year" and now they've returned with the video for "Been Had."

It's a fun video, filled with animations that make the video pop out much like the song itself. The two rappers are seen hanging out at a party, drinking and smoking while surrounded by their friends and family. The video takes very simple scenes and turns them into eye popping visuals. The director of the video did a great job capturing the essence of the song. The song is a huge flex. In the sense that the two rappers are seen with wads of cash, doing the money phone, surrounded by beautiful women and their homies while singing "Big bags, yeah/ Big racks, yeah/ Big ride, six flags yeah/ Bitch I been had."

The song itself is very interesting with the consideration that both Black Boe and Sonny Digital's are two artists from Atlanta with an association with trap music. This song, however, blends both their trap stylings and club music with pop tones that they are known for very well. If you haven't checked out their mixtape The Black Goat, you definitely need to stop sleeping. 

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