Sonny Digital Once Got So High He Saw Cartoons In His Stomach

Alex Zidel
August 08, 2019 12:03

Sonny Digital and Black Boe list their weed-related pet peeves on "How To Roll."

On the new episode of How To Roll, Sonny Digital brought along Black Boe to discuss their favorite and least favorite strains, their stance on edibles, and more. We're still unloading new episodes of the celebrated series, bringing in BlocBoy JB recently and also calling on Lil Duval earlier in the summer. Sonny is known to many as one of the best producers in the game and he stopped by our office to speak on all things weed, rolling a backwood on command and telling us all about his habits.

Depending on your personality, you likely have some pet peeves when it comes to smoking. If you're rolling up with friends, you might have that one homie who always leaves the blunt wet with an absurd amount of saliva. Black Boe isn't with the shenanigans; he wants everybody to know that his blunt deserves to be treated fairly. "Treat my backwood with respect," says the musician before Sonny Digital chimes in. Sonny and Black Boe won't smoke with you if you have clammy hands, or if you just applied a fresh layer of lip gloss or lipstick.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

When it comes to his weed-related horror stories, Sonny doesn't need to look any further than his first-ever experience getting high. "The first time I got high, I got too high," he says. "We got some real gas. When I got that high, I had stopped smoking for a long time. That shit was crazy. I don't know if that shit was laced or what but bro, I swear to god, I looked down at my stomach and everything was like a cartoon. I could see the insides of my shit, it was like a cartoon. I didn't even know what the hell was going on."

Now that's some gas. Watch the latest episode of How To Roll above.

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