The name Sophie Brussaux has been on many a mind, after Pusha T dragged her into the public eye on "The Story Of Adidon." Natrually, Drake's legion of supporters immediately began the hunt of information, especially if allegations of their intimate connection were indeed true. Should she really be Drake's baby mama, the model turned artist will no doubt find a place in hip-hop's soap-opera-esque gallery of notable side characters. As such, it seems only fitting that details would begin trickling in, with TMZ playing the role of Sherlock Holmes in this scenario. 

The publication has managed to find footage of Brussaux' turn as an aspiring reality star on the ill-fated "Real Mistresses Of Atlanta." As expected, it delivers exactly what it promises. In the clip, Brussaux, under her pseudonym Rosee Divine, can be seen bringing viewers up to speed on her raison d'être, as well as expressing a desire for a bourgeoisie lifestyle. During the clip, she can be heard talking to an unnamed NBA player, who seems more than willing to play the role of sugar daddy.

And there you have it. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for Brussaux, the series was ultimately never picked up. Watch the existing footage now, should you be interested - Brussaux' part kicks off around the 6:15 mark.