The word "prequel" doesn't usually inspire confidence in the fans of a series of movies or TV (think Star Wars). But, when people from the original production are involved, there's more reason to be excited. 

The producers of Sopranos prequel are doing just that, going back to "the family" that helped make the original show such a critical and commercial success. They have announced that Alan Taylor will be the director of the Many Saints of Newark. Taylor directed nine episodes of the show back in the day and even won an Emmy for the Episode "Kennedy and Heidi." Taylor has been nominated for other shows too (Mad Men and Game of Thrones), but has only won for the Sopranos. It seems that the show is a good fit for him. For those worried that it may be hard for Taylor to make the jump from TV to a feature film, don't worry! Taylor already has instalments of Thor and Terminator under his belt, so he will likely be ready for the blockbuster spotlight. 

The show will be taking place in the 1960s during the Newark riots of 67' in which the Italian community of the city was intimately involved. The jump back in time will perhaps follow in line with some of the show's flashbacks and will also solve the problem of the death of star of the show, James Gandolfini, whose performance was one of the main draws of the show and earned him three Emmys and one Golden Globe.