In what some might consider the overreaction of the century, several mid-card rappers and producers have public denounced Balenciaga, after the designer fashion brand published a sexually-ambiguous (androgynous) marketing ad, not to their liking.  Soulja Boy, PnB Rock, and Sonny Digital used the comment section of the Balenciaga Instagram post to voice their displeasure.

The ad pictured below, shows a model wearing a hoodie on their torso, overtop a blue leopard print bodysuit, stilettos included (in the one-piece getup). Evidently, the executable design is too foreign for silent tough guys depicted as such. Inevitably, PnB, Sonny Digital, and Soulja Boy's displeasure doesn't speak for everyone. High fashion and hip-hop have entered a mutually exclusive partnership, and it doesn't always work symbiotically, for all the parties contained within each bracket. Swipe to the right to see the commentary in full.

Producer Sonny Digital was the most vocal of the bunch, stating, "First they tried y’all with the Sketchers remake now they doing this. At this point I’m just wondering who ima see with these on first." Soula Boy and PnB Rock were far more brusque in their responses. 

A cultural conflict like this was completely predictable. The Balenciaga brand remains "unscathed" from their disavowal, different Worlds - different persuasions, 'nough said.