John Way is making a name for himself disparaging his older sibling Soulja Boy on record. He accused DeAndre of leaving his mom welfare. When his mother and brother appeared in a video calling him a deadbeat for leaving them in the hood, Soulja Boy struck back in a big way.

"She a crackhead and he live with his dad he not in the hood they looking for a come up Fuck them," he posted on Twitter. The "Draco" rapper went on a rant before deleting everything. 

He claims his mother only calls him when she needs money. Apparently, she blew $100,000 of his hard-earned fortune in a single week. Big Soulja called his brother "a broke bitch" and would slap him if they ever cross paths.

Soulja also claims he made his first million when he was 17 and has taken care of his family ever since. According to his deleted posts, he just bought a new mansion and still has millions in the bank. 

Here are some of the tweets he deleted.