Justin Bieber caught a scandal over the weekend, when footage of the Biebz at the age of 15 surfaced where the pop star used the n-word in a joke. Bieber has since issued a formal apology, which we posted yesterday, and now a Bieber friend, Soulja Boy, has come to his defense.

Soulja Boy brings up points like, "Y'all know he's not racist, I'm his homie, all his homies are black, you know he's not racist." Soulja isn't the first person to come to Bieber's defense, boxing champ Floyd Mayweather also backed him up over the weekend, saying, "We all make mistakes when we are young, it’s part of growing up."

Soulja reiterates that as well, "the footage is super old, he was 15...We all slip up, we all make mistakes."

Watch the footage from TMZ below.