It hasn't even been a week since Young Thug and Future dropped Super Slimey out of the blue, and fans are already clamoring for a followup. And while turning in multiple albums a year might be a big ask for most other rappers, Future and Thugger are both known for their never-ending work ethic, and no doubt have hundreds of songs stashed away in the vault. In fact, Southside recently spoke with Complex about Super Slimey, Future and Thug's creative process, and the inevitable potential for yet another album from the Atlanta duo. In fact, Southside teased that the thirteen songs on Super Slimey weren't even the "hardest" of the batch.

On the topic of another album from Future and Thug, Southside confirmed that Future and Thug still have some "very epic" unreleased music, and teased the possibility of another project. While he might not know exavtly when it's coming, he does provide a humorous potential title. "It might not even be a Super Slimey 2," says Southside. "It might be What a Slime to Be Alive up next. You never know, we are with the element of surprise."

One of the most interesting parts of the interview is when Southside describes the familial dynamic between Freeband Gang, YSL, and 808 Mafia, as well as how that bond influences the creative process. "We just go to the studio and have fun, and after we have made six or 700 songs we will pick the album. Literally. People think we have this process and we don’t do all of that," explains Southside. "It’s like me going to meet one of my siblings in the studio. We are really family. I don’t look at it as work, I just go to have a good time, have a good vibe, and hopefully make good music."

Well, whatever he's doing is clearly working. Future and Young Thug's latest is steady on repeat, and if Southside speaks true, Super Slimey is merely the warm up.