Today we get more potential confirmation that Kanye West is planning to drop on album in June. The rapper tweeted out the date 'June 18' on May 2nd, which set the internet ablaze wondering what exactly 'Ye had planned for said date. Rumors included, an album, a single, his child's birth...but nothing has been confirmed by the man himself. However, the Japanese retailer HMV Japan seems to think it's an album.

After Yeezy tweeted out the date, it was said to have been confirmed by a Def Jam representative (by way of Eliott Wilson) but that tweet was soon deleted. Now, HMV Japan (the same source which released the tracklist for Cruel Summer, you'll recall), has listed Mr. West as dropping a project on June 19th.

Kanye West is set to perform on Saturday Night Live this Saturday, May 18th, so we'll be getting some new music soon enough, and perhaps some confirmation one way or the other.