Spencer Dinwiddie has proven himself to be a solid NBA point guard who can play at a high level whenever he is asked. Unfortunately, this past season he suffered an ACL injury which forced him out of the Brooklyn Nets lineup. Had he been able to stick around, the Nets probably would have gotten past the Milwaukee Bucks as he would have been the team's point guard for the series. Now, Dinwiddie has opted out of his Nets deal and will officially become a free agent.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated's Howard Beck, Dinwiddie spoke about his impending free agency and how he has no issue coming back to the Nets, however, it would have to be for the right price. Simply put, Dinwiddie wants to be making upwards of $25 million per year, and he wants something more long-term.

“For all the fans that think like because I opted out like I have to leave or something like that,” Dinwiddie said. “No, this is very much in the Nets hands. You feel me? And I think my full max is five years/$196 million or something like that. And nobody is sitting here saying I’m going to get five years/$196 million so before anybody tries to kill me, nobody is saying that. But the Nets have the ability to do something other people can’t. If the Nets come to the table like that and they’re being aggressive and saying, ‘Hey, we got five years/$125 million for you,’ like I would say, there’s a high likelihood that I go back to the Nets.”

It remains to be seen what the Nets will end up offering Dinwiddie as the team is already loaded with big contracts from Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. Either way, Dinwiddie will be highly-sought after and we're sure he will be able to get a big contract.

Spencer Dinwiddie

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