Spencer Dinwiddie has never shied away from giving his opinion, particularly when it comes to other teams in the NBA. In fact, Dinwiddie has been particularly harsh when it comes to the New York Knicks, although this shouldn't come as a surprise when you consider how the Brooklyn Nets and Knicks are arch-rivals.

While appearing on the "Through The Wire" podcast on House of Highlights, Dinwiddie was pressed about his Knicks hatred, although he had a pretty fun answer about it all. As Dinwiddie pointed out, he likes to be realistic and when he criticizes the Knicks, he is doing it because it's the truth. 

“No, it’s not really shots. Like, I tell the truth. Y’all just don’t like truth and it turns into this whole big thing. Hey look, if y’all are buns, y’all are buns,” Dinwiddie said. “Y’all got my guy Theo Pinson. I know y’all bench is going to be lively and dancing and stuff. It’s gonna be phenomenal to see. Still going to get your heads cracked. It is what it is.”

Dinwiddie and the Nets will be getting KD back this season, which means there is a very solid chance the Nets will be sweeping the Knicks all season long. When that happens, we're sure Dinwiddie will have a lot to say about it.