Bay Area vet Spice 1, a revered figure in West Coast rap, has taken up arms against Funk Flex because of the allegations that he made about 2Pac earlier this month. 

During an Instagram Live rant, Flex flipped the script on the notorious 1994 shooting that greatly escalated the East Coast-West Coast rivalry that culminated in the deaths of both Pac and Biggie. The veteran DJ claimed that Pac pulled a "Cheddar Bob" in NYC's Quad Studios and then lied about getting set up by Biggie's associates. 

Spice went on Instagram yesterday to upload a video in which he threatens to fly to New York and viciously beat the HOT 97 DJ if he doesn't keep Pac's name out of his mouth. "Shut the fuck up before somebody catch a plane out there and choke yo' f*ggot ass, n*gga," he says to end the clip. 

Today, Spice has come at Flex with a new diss track. The track shares a title, as well as an instrumental, with the famous diss record that Pac aimed at Biggie (as well as other East Coast rappers) in the Summer of '96. 

"There's two real ass n*ggas dead over the shit that you tryna get started," Spice raps on his new "Hit Em Up," on which he also accuses Flex of "talkin' down on my dead homie to gain his own fame." With the track, Spice has also initiated the "Fuckboy Flex Challenge," as he signs off the song by inviting other rappers to record their own Funk Flex disses. 

It's unclear if Flex has heard the diss track, though he did see Spice's intimidating Instagram video. He shook off the rapper's threats by making fun of the hat that Spice wore in the video, which Flex believes was recorded in front of a Walmart.