By this point, the Russo Brothers themselves have claimed fair game for Endgame spoilers, but being that I'm a team player, consider this your WARNING. With that being said, you've likely come here knowing the general plot points of Spider-Man: Far From Home, especially if you're one of the fifty-three million to have tuned into the official trailer. In any case, Tony Stark is dead and gone, a casualty of Thanos' war, but that doesn't mean his legacy is over. Far From Home will likely find Peter Parker grappling with Iron Man's demise, examining his own heroism under the microscope.

Now, the official Far From Home Twitter account has delivered a new poster, which showcases a literal interpretation of one of the film's lingering themes. Clearly, the street artists of the greater New York area recognize the realness of one Tony Stark, having drawn his likeness to great success. We've already glimpsed Spider-Man frequenting the area, using the wall as a reminder of Stark's enduring legacy. 

Are you trying to catch this one in theatres, come July 2nd?