Spider-Man has been a personal favorite since the excellent 90s cartoon, which pitted the swaggiest iteration of Peter Parker against countless foes, all while dealing with some of Marvel's most desirable baddies. While many variations of Spider-Man have emerged since, none have captured the magic of the hit animated series, which masterfully weaved narrative threads together with respect not often allocated to children's television. Plus, it got dark as hell, with Spidey's longtime love Mary Jane essentially doomed to float through infinity forever. Not to mention, the show was made during an era where all of the Marvel Universe were up for grabs, leading to a refreshingly non-corporate brigade of familiar faces. 

With that small bout of nostalgia out of the system, let us look forward. Fans of the franchise are no doubt well aware that a PS4 Spider-Man game is set to drop later this year, seeming to draw inspiration from the massively popular (and dope) Batman Arkham games. While the game has already confirmed the presence of multiple villains, fans have been combing all released material for any potential clue on who might pop up. As it happens, a new issue of online web-series The Daily Bugle premiered, giving ample material for theory crafting. 

It would appear that the game will be dealing with the presence of a new drug called "Grave Dust," which renders all users into a "zombie-like" state. A part of the report reads as follows: "Terrified eyewitnesses claim that users’ skin flushes gray and hardens, quite literally as if they’ve turned to stone."

The inclusion of such imagery has led some fans to believe that formidable mobster Tombstone is due for an appearance. Yet the idea of using dust as a weapon feels like Carrion's M.O, who can literally turn people into dust through touch alone. Either way, the fact we'll be getting such a varied cast of miscreants is especially enticing to a fan of the classic animated series like myself. What about ya'll? Are you checking for this game?