If the tortured New York Knicks fan base wasn't completely fed up with the organization before this season started to take a downward spiral, they certainly are now.

Even before last night's drama involving Knicks legend Charles Oakley, the ongoing beef between Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony, including the constant trade rumors and subtle barbs on twitter, had turned things into a complete circus.

Whether Jackson can find a way to move Carmelo before the February 23rd trade deadline remains to be seen, but Knicks superfan Spike Lee is hoping that the Zen Master is the one to go, not Melo.

Prior to last night's game (another loss), Spike was asked who he would choose between Carmelo and Phil and he delivered a quick, definitive answer.


"I'll pack Phil's bags for him," Lee told Tencent-ESPN's Steve Zeng.

"I think I still believe in Carmelo, but Phil Jackson is making it very difficult for him," Lee told Tencent-ESPN on Wednesday.

To his credit, Carmelo has handled the constant trade rumors and jabs from Phil like a complete pro. He has never shied away from the media's questions and has always taken the high road no matter how many times Phil has gone out of his way to create a stir.

Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek knew what he was getting into when he took this job but not even Nostradamus could've predicted the type of mess his first season with the team has turned out to be.


"I kind of, not was warned, but it was expected that it was going to be something all the time," Hornacek said before the Knicks' 119-115 loss to the LA Clippers on Wednesday. "And it's lived up to the billing. It's been something all year. So, OK, let's go play a game and try to win."