It was a tough day for Spotify users, as Complex reports. On Tuesday, March 8th, the popular music streaming platform – which just so happens to be the largest subscription-based one worldwide – faced a significant outage that left many internet users in shambles.

Issues with the app began popping up on Down Detector around 1 PM ET. Shortly after, Spotify's Twitter account sent out a message reading, "Something's not quite right, and we're looking into it. Thanks for your reports!"

SOPA Images/Getty Images

When trying to use the streaming platform, many found themselves receiving a message telling them that their username and password were incorrect. If you're a web browser user, you may have seen one telling you, "We're all mixed up. Refresh this page or try again later. It may take some time to get things up again."

As if the Spotify outages weren't troubling enough, it's been noted that Discord, a popular voice and text messaging service, was faced with major outage issues today as well. "We're aware of an issue causing message failures and are working on a fix," their Twitter statement from this afternoon explained. "Apologies for the disruption and [thanks] for hanging tight!"

While the issues have since been resolved, the comedic tweets of frustration from disgruntled users remain for us to laugh at. Check out some of our favourites below.