Of all the music streaming platforms Spotify has been making the most moves, or so it seems. They've officially gone public on the New York Stock Exchange, they are perfecting a new app tailored to playlist curation, they've linked up with Hulu for a discounted bundle, and they 've recently launched Black History is Happening Now. The company isn't stopping there though, The Verge is reporting that Spotify will announce changes to its mobile app next week.

The announcement was made official after the company sent out invites for the anticipated gathering that will see presentations from chief R&D officer Gustav Söderström, vice president of product development Babar Zafar and global head of creator services Troy Carter. Reports suggest that the update to the app will be surrounded on the free subscription and making it better or the voice control the company has been testing.

If it has anything to do with the free subscription it may or may not be linked to Spotify's recent discovery of many free users enabling adblockers. "On March 21, 2018, we detected instances of approximately two million users as of December 31, 2017, who have been suppressing advertisements without payment,” they stated. Users who were thought to have been using adblockers or illegally downloading Spotify had their accounts shut down and were forced to download legally through "the official Google Play Store."

What changes do you guys think the Spotify app needs?