Stacey Dash was back in the headlines yesterday after she ended up jail for putting her hands on her husband, Jeffrey Marty, in an aggressive manner. The couple, who got married after only 10 days of knowing each other, got into an argument that resulted in scratch marks on Jeffery's arm and the police at their location to escort the Clueless actor away for assault. 

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

As we previously detailed, Stacey was being held on a $500 bond and Page Six reports that Jeffery bailed her out from the Land-O-Lakes Detention Facility in Florida. The publication got its hands on the 911 call from the day of the argument and things got heated when Stacey allegedly asked her stepdaughter to do her homework but she rebelled. 

“We were all arguing, I asked his daughter to get out of my face, she was in my face. I pushed her back and he put me into a chokehold,” Stacey explained to police over the phone. “They’re all saying what a bitch I am, I’m the stepmother, how they all hate me. They’re just disrespectful, awful children,” she sobbed to police. “They’re just talking with each other about how to put me in jail.”

We only assume that a divorce between Stacey and Jeffery is on the horizon.