Stacey Dash's domestic violence arrest caught the world off guard yesterday. On Sunday night, police responded to a domestic dispute at Dash's home. Although she was the one who made the call, she ultimately ended up arrested for domestic battery. "The victim sustained red scratch marks to his upper left arm from being pushed," the police report said. She's since been released on bail but it appears that things are only getting even more complicated on her end.

According to TMZ, Dash, who was fired from her job as a conservative pundit on Fox in 2017, is reportedly too poor to afford a legal representative at this time. In legal docs recently filed, she said that she was indigent and is asking for a public defender to represent her in this case. A judge signed off on the request for a public defender for the time being in case charges are filed. The judge asked her to show proof of her income. 

In the recently released 911 call, Dash claimed that her husband and their kids conspired against her to have her arrested. The attack supposedly occurred after a heated argument with her stepdaughter. She continued to claim that she was the one assaulted by her husband. She accused her husband, who's a lawyer, was advising his kids to lie to the police about the incident.