On Thursday a video surfaced of a middle-aged caucasion woman goading an Asian man during what seems to be a dispute sparked by their parked cars. “I am not a racist person, but you know what, you need to go home,” said the woman.

The same woman appeared in a similar video on Wednesday. The clip showed her berating a young Asian female after an encounter on a staircase at the park. “Go back to whatever fucking Asian country you belong,” adding “You bitch! This is not your place, this is not your home, we don't want you here!” The taunting goes on for over a minute with little response from the young woman.

Once again unprovoked, the woman lashed out with prejudiced comments against the Asian man. As the conversation continued, the woman threatened the police and started to mock the man with an accent, “you are going to go to real jail now.” “You understand me China man?” she repeated several times.

She continued in the mocking accent, “go home to your family.” “You’re way too close,” She said. “Get away from me.” Ironically, when the video pans to the woman’s car, she appears to be parked way over the line.

The man later made a statement concerning the encounter: “In 2020, no one should be hearing these kinds of racial slurs,” said the man. “It’s completely another thing to say racial slurs to minors, they need to be protected.”

The Torrance Police Department is reportedly looking into these incidents. 

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