In case you missed it, we recently sat down with Stalley, who recently dropped his new EP Tell The Truth, Shame The Devil(which boasts one of the year's best album covers).  And while the Ohio rapper opened up about a variety of topics throughout our extensive conversation, he certainly had some interesting thoughts on his former labelmate Meek Mill's current predicament.

"Free Meek Mill man, it's a fucked up situation," says Stalley, when asked about the "Free Meek" movement. "We all know the criminal system is unjust a lot at times, especially for black males. It's just unfair, and I hope we comes home soon...I just hope that for him and for everyone like him, that's going through a situation like that, we can somehow correct it, you know? And somehow be heard...There's no reason for him to be on probation for twelve years, for something that he's done when he was basically a teenager, a kid...Sometimes the system isn't set up for us to win, but I know he's holding his head. He's strong, he's gonna come back stronger than ever, but I just hope it's sooner than later."

Stalley continues his praise of Meek's character, calling him a "good dude, and elaborating that Meek "does so much for the city of Philly. They love him. You know, and he does a lot for the kids and the's just unfair." As it stands, the Free Meek movement continues to gain even more traction, and has served as a uniting factor for all manner of voices. For more from Stalley, be sure to check the interview in full, where he goes in depth about his music, Rick Ross, MMG, his experience in the industry, and much more.