It's not often that damn near everyone can agree upon someone's "legend" status, but Marvel mastermind Stan Lee has won hearts and minds the world over. The beloved comic book author is responsible for some of pop culture's biggest superheroes, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is but one chapter of his legacy. Yet Stan Lee has always been a man of the people. In a truly classy move, he made sure to bless each Marvel film with a cameo appearance, even holding it down for an appearance in the recent PS4 game. 

Rich Polk/Getty Image

Yet many who watched the critically acclaimed Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse might not have noticed Lee's cameos were in fact multiple. Of course, the first was one evident enough, given his interaction with Miles Morales. “I’m going to miss him," says Lee, upon selling Morales a costume. "We were friends, you know. It always fits … eventually.” Apparently, however, that wasn't Mr. Lee's only moment. 

Speaking with Collider, directors Bob Persichetti, Rodney Rothman, and Peter Ramsey revealed that Lee was actually present in a variety of scenes. “The easiest to spot, because you don’t have to stop the film, is when Peter and Miles are on the ground on the sidewalk, after they’d fallen from the train, there’s a dog who smells them with a guy who walks over them," says Persichetti. "That’s Stan again. On his way home from work. But then I will say, there are many, many train scenes. Subway shots. If you just pause, he’s in a lot of them. That guy is all over New York. He’s a busy man.”

Look for Stan Lee's multiple appearances on a per-frame basis when Into The Spider-Verse arrives on Blu-Ray, March 18th.