The latest entry in the Star Wars movie franchise, titled The Last Jedi, has been all the talk in the entertainment industry leading up to its debut in theaters this weekend. Based on a report from Deadline, the Disney property will take in a very impressive haul when it comes to box office gross.

Opening night numbers were supposedly expected to exceed lofty expectations, as we reported earlier this week, but the total weekend intake is approaching jaw-dropping territory. The Last Jedi could take in as much as $220 million through its first few days on the market, coming close to but not eclipsing the total of $247.9 million that the previous movie in the trilogy, The Force Awakens, was able to generate at the box office. It's already confirmed to have brought in nearly $50 million on opening night and, with such a small sample size, there's a chance that the weekend total could top those projection numbers by a noticeable amount.

The franchise continues to print money at theaters for a company that has been making some savvy but expensive acquisitions this year. Disney, who purchased Lucasfilm several years ago for several billion dollars, recently agreed to fork over $52.4 billion in order to buy 21st Century Fox and all of its subsidiary properties, including successful indie film studio A24 and several attractive television strains. The Last Jedi crushing the competition is an early holiday gift that the Mouse will surely enjoy.

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