It's that time of the year again when Steam kicks off their Summer Sale. Steam, an online marketplace and community for PC gamers, is expected to start their annual sale on the first day of Summer, which is today (June 21). It's most likely that the game you've had your eye on for a few months that you just haven't worked up the effort to purchase will be available for a ridiculous discount today. It's essentially the Black Friday of online video game sales. Steam Database, who is not affiliated with Valve (the creators of Steam), tweeted on June 20 that the sale would start within 24 hours. Although they may not be directly associated with Steam or Valve, their leaks have been confirmed on several occasions in the past, and the timing matches with sales dates of previous years.

Popular battle royale game PUBG has already announced that they will be selling their title for $20 during the Steam Summer sale. Based on previous sales, a projected sales list has been created by the Daily Star. Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4, Borderlands 3, several Elder Scrolls titles, and Rocket League are just a few of the games that are expected to be on sale for a fraction of their retail price.