Whenever an athlete gets drafted into a league or is promoted to a position of power, fans flock to social media to look at their social media presence. More often than not, the fans overstep their bounds and dig up tweets from the past which tend to be incriminating in certain ways. For instance, racist or sexist tweets tend to be at the top of the list when it comes to this kind of Twitter sleuthing.

Today, newly-appointed Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback Devlin Hodges was the victim of this very investigation. According to some screenshots of his Twitter, Hodges had tweeted some support of Donald Trump a couple of years ago. Thanks to his promotion, he began deleting these tweets and people immediately caught on and took some quick screenshots before more tweets were deleted.

Image via Twitter

Hodges hasn't commented on this yet and he probably won't which isn't necessarily a bad thing. People's opinions are always changing and depending on your political leanings, these Tweets aren't much of a big deal at all. Either way, this isn't exactly the way you would want to start your career. If you're Hodges, this is the last thing you would want to be worrying about.

As the next game approaches, this situation is bound to get a lot more interesting.