This November, millions of Americans will be going to the polls where they will get to vote on who the next President of the United States will be. The winner will either be the incumbent Donald Trump, or Senator Joe Biden, who was Barack Obama's Vice President for eight years. Both candidates have been criticized for not being fit to lead the Nation, although these are the choices everyone has been left with, whether they like it or not.

Third-party candidates rarely make a splash when it comes to the Presidential race, so an alternative option doesn't appear to be likely. Although, there is one man who thinks he would have a chance if he were to run. Who? You might ask. Well, Stephen A. Smith of First Take is fairly sure he could beat both Trump and Biden while noting that he could easily take them in a debate.

Many of Smith's fans questioned him on this wild notion, although Smith held strong. He also noted that he really has no plans to run but sometimes he does think about what he could accomplish. Smith even said that he wouldn't trust himself when it comes to war and if you've ever seen him on the First Take, then you can probably understand why he would come to that conclusion.

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