Earlier today, we reported on Kawhi Leonard's upcoming free agency decision and how he is "seriously considering" the Los Angeles Lakers. Kawhi is set to meet with the Lakers, Clippers, and even the Toronto Raptors next week. These meetings will give Kawhi a better sense of who he wants to sign with as he makes one of the biggest decisions of his career. There is no concrete answer as to where he wants to go although he's been linked to Los Angeles over the last few months since that's where he's from.

During today's episode of ESPN's First Take, Stephen A. Smith explained that Kawhi's endorsement deals could play a factor in his decision this offseason. Leonard is signed to New Balance and as Smith reported, they would prefer Leonard play in Los Angeles then Toronto.

Leonard is the face of New Balance's brand new basketball line so it only makes sense that they would want him to go somewhere with a lot of visibility. The bright lights of Los Angeles would certainly bring a lot of attention to New Balance although its hard to believe they have that much influence over Kawhi's decision.

Free agency officially begins on Sunday, June 30th at 6 P.M. EST so stay tuned for all of the latest news and updates.