Stephen A. Smith is known as someone who wears many hats. At times, it seems like the man never stops working. Perhaps it's a testament to just how much he loves what he does. The First Take host has been everywhere over the past couple of years and his profile continues to be on the rise. Stephen A. has branched out into various other fields, including the film industry. Recently, Smith hinted at a potential role in Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James. 

Today, Smith shared yet another acting endeavor. Taking to Twitter, Smith posted a trailer to the new animated film Rumble which is set to drop in 2021. At about the 0:40 mark, you can see Smith depicted as a monster wrestling analyst who is contemplating the future of the sport as one monster continues to dominate opponents.

When you think about, Smith is the perfect man to do voice acting for this kind of role. He is incredibly animated when he talks and in turn, he's one of the most entertaining people on TV. With this in mind, his role in Rumble should be a whole lot of fun.

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