Stephen A. Smith has been known to speak his mind on topics that he is passionate about. When it comes to people who are bad at their jobs, Smith shows absolutely no mercy. Today on First Take, that's exactly what he did while talking about the most recent Houston Texans trade. Of course, they just picked up Brandin Cooks from the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for a second-round pick. Many feel like this is a bad deal considering they just lost DeAndre Hopkins.

Bill O'Brien is the coach and GM of the team and many feel as though he is doing a horrible job in both positions. Smith, on the other hand, believes O'Brien is an okay coach although he should be fired as the general manager immediately. In the clip below, Smith lists all of the bad moves O'Brien has made over the last little while.

The Texans will certainly be one of the more interesting teams in the league this upcoming season especially with DeShaun Watson at the quarterback position. However, their personnel moves on offense could lead to a team that isn't as potent while on the attacking side of the football.

What do you think of O'Brien's moves? Should he be ousted as the GM and stick to coaching?