Ever since Anthony Davis got to the Los Angeles Lakers, they have been a much better team. Of course, the year before, the Lakers missed out on the playoffs due to numerous injuries and some lackluster play from a brigade of young stars who just weren't meant for the bright lights of L.A. With that being said, this new Lakers team is incredibly fun to watch and LeBron James and AD are the new NBA power duo. 

While Davis is arguably the best player on the team this season, Stephen A. Smith had a hot take on where the Lakers would be if Davis was steering the ship and LeBron wasn't there. As he explains, the Lakers would simply be like the Pelicans, except with different jerseys.

This is a pretty harsh claim especially when you think about how lackluster the Pelicans have truly been over the last few years. They rarely made it to the postseason and when they did, it usually resulted in an early exit. While Davis was the star of those teams, he wasn't always given the best talent around him. Surely, he could do much more with a Lakers team built around him.

Regardless, this debate is sort of a waste especially since they have LeBron right now. With this in mind, we should all just appreciate the greatness on display.