Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard were all over the news this weekend as they both expressed concerns with continuing the NBA season. Both players feel as though the league would be a distraction to what really matters, which is racial equality and justice for the atrocities committed by police against black people. Many players agree with this sentiment while others believe you can play the games while also bringing attention to social justice, especially since millions of people would be watching the matches.

Today on Get Up!, Stephen A. Smith voiced his opinion on the matter and told Kyrie and Howard that they were ill-informed on the matter. Smith concedes that if their concerns had to do with the virus he would understand. However, Smith feels as though boycotting the season would lead to reduced salaries and that it would be a missed opportunity for players to advocate for change on live television.

Smith also noted that racial inequality won't evaporate tomorrow and that years and maybe even decades of work must be done to eradicate white supremacy. With this in mind, Smith feels as though it is shortsighted to want to cancel the season as a form of protest. The TV host would much rather the players come back, voice their opinions, and let advocacy lawyers make the necessary changes on the judiciary level.

Regardless of where you fall on this debate, it's clear that changes need to be made in our society. Whether or not that means the end of sports, is yet to be determined.