DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver, has been under fire all week for his anti-Semitic rhetoric. The NFL player had shared several passages that were falsely attributed to Hitler, widely used to say that Black people are the "real" children of Israel.

The posts have been a major talking point among NFL commentators but players have failed to speak up about it. That's where Stephen Jackson comes in.

The former NBA star and current Big3 hooper chimed in and defended DeSean Jackson for his comments, agreeing with the message that he was relaying.

Screenshot via DeSean Jackson's Instagram

Screenshot via DeSean Jackson's Instagram

"I just read a statement that the Philadelphia Eagles posted regarding DeSean Jackson’s comments. He was trying to educate people, educate himself, and he’s speaking the truth. Right? He’s speaking the truth," said Stak5. "He don’t hate nobody but he’s speaking the truth of what he knows and trying to educate others. But y’all don’t want him to educate ourselves."

He went on to share his own views on police brutality and the topic at hand. 

"If it’s talking about the black race, y’all don’t know nothing about it," added Jackson. "If they’re killing us — police killing us — and treating us like shit, racism at an all-time high, but none of y’all NFL owners spoke up on that. None of you teams spoke up on that. But the same team had a receiver say the word n***er publicly, and they gave him an extension. I play for the Big3. We have a Jewish owner. He understands where we stand and some of the things we say, but it’s not directed to him. It’s the way we’ve been treated. Philadelphia, y’all need to repost this."