Incoming President Donald Trump has met with a lot of people in the past few months, but that isn’t stopping people from getting upset every time someone new stops by the Trump Tower. However, it isn’t every day a target like Steve Harvey comes along. The comedian met with Trump today to talk about “the situations in the inner cities,” and Twitter roasted him for it.

Working with the opposition to solve problems in the inner city is a great goal! However, Steve Harvey does not seem like the kind of person who connects with the inner city or can manage urban renewal. Kind of like Ben Carson, the new head of the HUD who he was put on the phone with. Harvey’s tweet after the meeting was nothing but glowing, saying, “I walked away feeling like I had just talked to a man who genuinely wants to make a difference in this area.”

Steve Harvey hasn’t exactly been on a roll lately. He recently got (deservedly) reprimanded for laughing at his own very bad joke about Asian men. Check out the responses to the inexplicable meeting below. Meanwhile, the right is jumping to Steve Harvey's defense. These are confusing times.

[via NY Daily News]