Comedian Steve Harvey, whose daughter, Lori Harvey, is rumored to be dating People's Sexiest Man Alive, Michael B. Jordan, is currently spending his winter in Dubai and flexed on Instagram with a new picture.

Steve Harvey, DubaiFrederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Harvey doesn't add much context outside of "winter in Dubai," but he did praise the United Arab Emirates, earlier this year, on the Steve Harvey Morning Show for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic:

According to stats I’ve been reading, the safest place on the planet right now in terms of large countries is the UAE, the United Arab Emirates They have conducted more coronavirus tests than anybody, they have the lowest death rate, they have the lowest infection rate. They jumped on this thing right away. It has a lot to do with the leadership over there because they are serious, they love their people and they do everything to protect, they keep their people safe.

In total, the United Arab Emirates has had 189K total cases of COVID-19 and 626 deaths during the pandemic. In the United States, there have been 17M total cases and 308K deaths. 

Multiple videos of Harvey in Dubai have surfaced on social media in recent days.