Steve Kerr has always been a political figure. The Golden State Warriors head coach has no issue with trashing Donald Trump whenever he gets the chance, which makes sense considering how critical the President has been of the NBA. Simply put, Kerr feels as though Trump is extremely divisive and tears the country apart. While Kerr's ability to speak out on issues is admirable, there was one instance in which he simply just didn't know enough.

Of course, we are talking about the beginning of the season when he and many others gave poor answers in regards to China's human rights abuses. Kerr didn't speak out and some fans felt as though he was just protecting the NBA's relationship. During an episode of the Political Breakdown podcast, Kerr admitted that he regrets his answer and that at the time, he didn't have enough information. Could he go back, Kerr would have spoken up for the people of Hong Kong.

Steve Kerr

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

“That was a really, really uncomfortable position to be in,” Kerr said. “China has been a partner in the NBA — and across America with thousands of companies — so all of a sudden, when the human rights issues really are being exposed and you’re asked about it, it’s like, ‘Oh, wait a second.’ I was sort of deer in the headlights when I was asked about it. And I think it caught a lot of us by surprise. I handled it horribly. I regret my answer to this day. I sort of gave it ‘no comment,’ and then said something else. It was really embarrassing.”

Most humans are prone to mistakes so you can't fault Kerr too much. Admitting your mistakes is admirable and it's clear that the Warriors head coach does, in fact, care. Maybe now, detractors won't be so quick to say something.