The Golden State Warriors' were called for six offensive fouls in last night's preseason loss to the Phoenix Suns, and that was just one too many for head coach Steve Kerr.

Seconds into the third quarter, after Stephen Curry was whistled for his second offensive foul of the game and the team's sixth, Kerr went onto the court to argue with referee Ben Taylor. Kerr was promptly ejected and was seen waving at Taylor while saying, "I don't want to be here anyway" before high-fiving some of his players on his way back to the locker room.

After the game, Kerr acknowledged that he came out on the floor with the intention of being kicked out. "Yes," Kerr said."I was trying to make a point and I was trying to back up my guys. We had all these offensive fouls, one after another. And I finally had enough." After joking that he just wanted to be the first person at the postgame food spread, Kerr admitted, "I was in the wrong, obviously. I got what I deserved."

Curry, who also received a technical for arguing, had this to say of Kerr's ejection: "I love it," Curry said, per ESPN. "Love it. We got a good vibe going about what we're doing. It's never too early to get that fire going, so we'll see how we sustain that throughout the year. But when obviously a blatant call, we think, should go one way goes the other, he's going to have a reaction to it. It doesn't matter if it's preseason, regular season or playoffs. It's nice for him to have that fire for sure."

The Warriors will take on the Lakers in their final two preseason games this week before kicking off the NBA season at home against the OKC Thunder on October 16.