English hip-hop artist Stormzy has once again proven himself a man of integrity. Last week, a fan reached out on Twitter, asking if the rapper would be willing to perform at his father's funeral. The fan proceeded to explain that he and his late father were big fans of Stormzy's "Blinded By Your Grace," and felt it would be a fitting send off for the funeral. "Bro my Dad passed away on the day of my graduation last week Friday. Our favourite song of yours was blinded by your grace. Would love it if you could preform this at his funeral next Thursday 21st December. Don’t worry if you can’t, I just thought I’d try my luck," wrote the hopeful son.

While the average artist would most probably ignore a request of this nature, Stormzy actually reached out to the fan, where they proceeded to take the conversation to the DMs. 

Evidently, Stormzy actually came through, and delivered an emotional performance. Spin has provided some video of the performance, which was taken by somebody in attendance, who wrote "Massive respect for @Stormzy1 for honouring this...God Bless You." 

Respect to Stormzy for this one, and hopefully people can learn from his example. Sometimes, a selfless act can go a long way. This isn't the first time the English emcee has helped out a fan on Twitter - Stormzy previously helped a fan convince his mother that the two of them were working on music together.