Valentine’s Day was just under a week ago, but many couples waited until this most recent weekend to celebrate. One of those couples was twitter users @KashMoneyKanee and @__iamqueenk, whose cute weekend trip turned tragic breakup story enraptured Twitter over last night. Buckle up, this is going to be a long one, and both parties are still tweeting.

There are two different stories happening here, but we’ll start with @__iamqueenk’s, since she the one who opened up this can of worms in the first place. 

So to recap, it seems like @__iamqueenk got a pretty rough deal from her man for Valentine's Day. We aren't nearly done though, because @KashMoneyKanee needs a chance to defend himself. And defend himself he does.

@KashMoneyKanee has the last word in (so far), and there's more than enough of each side of the story for us to pass judgement. People got really stuck on the mouse, but anyone who's had a mouse problem can attest its not a mark on one's character, more just their level of cleanliness. Also as a person who has missed a flight before, getting on another one is not all that difficult.

Still, there's plenty to the story that doesn't add up. Why were they so involved after only four weeks? Why does she have all of his friends' numbers? They're still going back and forth, so we've included the last exchanges plus some third parties who claim to have firsthand experience with @__iamqueenk.

So who y'all got?