The first official trailer for Netflix's upcoming season of Stranger Things arrived back in March with the punchline that "one summer can change everything." Now just a few weeks later, fans are reminded of what's to come with a new snippet from the anticipated third season. The clip has no spoiler alerts what so ever, as it just shows Billy Hargrove (played by Dacre Montgomery) giving a kid a stern warning for running by the pool. 

Being as he's a lifeguard, who's not the worst looking, Billy has a slew of women who are lined up to see him do his lifeguarding duties - check it out below.

The series lead, Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) recently shared a little information on what we can expect from her character.

"Eleven's character evolves greatly," she explained to Entertainment Tonight. "And I can say its spreading fast. And that's all I can tell you."

A while back, the brothers who created the series admitted that Eleven was originally supposed to be killed off - something that now seems unimaginable.

"Eleven was going to sacrifice herself to save the day," creator Ross Duffer wrote. "That was always the end game. But once we realized that the show was potentially going to go on longer than one season, we needed to leave it more up in the air, because deep down we knew the show just wouldn’t really work without Eleven. And at that point, we knew how special Millie was. If there was going to be more Stranger Things, Eleven had to come back." 

Stranger Things 3 premieres July 4th on Netflix.