All week fans have been counting down the days until Stranger Things season two was available on Netflix. The trailers and exclusive clips released before the drop only heightened the excitement more, leaving everyone to wonder where Eleven ended up at the end of season one and what kind trouble the gang will find themselves in come the new season. Well, luckily, last night the anticipated second installment hit the streaming service right at the stroke of midnight and some fans have already binge-watched the whole seven episodes. 

Of course, this was expected especially since the spooky series landed on the top 20 lists of binge-watched shows on Netflix. 

For those who want to pace themselves throughout the seven episodes and want to save each adventure for maybe once a week, it's advised to stay clear of social media, especially the world of Twitter as fans everywhere have already dropped clues and a few spoiler alerts. More than anything, they've shared their love for the series with one user tweeting, "I still haven’t slept, damn you Netflix auto play. I can’t stop."

Check out some of the hilarious tweets below- but don't worry there aren't any crazy spoilers that will steer you away from skipping any episodes. 

Who has watched the whole season already?