Stranger Things is dominating Netflix. While it doesn't take statistics to prove that fact (it's nearly impossible to meet a Netflix subscriber who hasn't seen the series), the numbers have been gathered and presented none the less. According to AdWeekNielsen has been gathering subscription data for about a year now in order to discern just how many people are watching Netflix. Year after year, news sites report on "cable's most-watched comedy," or "television's number one drama," but how many people do you know that still utilize cable daily? The world is changing, and streaming has become the number one way for people around the world to view their favorite movies, television shows, and music.

According to Nielsen's findings, which are based on the debuts of Netflix content and not overall viewing, Stranger Things has dominated the streaming service with almost 25 million viewers across the entire second season of the show. The next closest Netflix property is Marvel's Defenders, which had about three times less of a debut push than Stranger Things. 

The data also shows that Bright, the Will Smith sci-fi epic, had a premier day reach of 5.4 million people and The Crown brought in 1.6 million viewers. The study also found that Netflix is drawing in viewers across several different demographics, proving that the streaming service is universally used by all ages, sexes, and races.