The Stranger Things mania that has engulfed the world (and died down slightly) since season one has not produced an enormous roster of spinoffs, until now (unless of course you count the nostalgic reference on the runway of Louis Vuitton SS2018).

The annual Game Awards were held last night and, along with announcing the years best in gaming and a new Mortal Kombatthe showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer came onstage to introduce the trailer for the aptly named Stranger Things 3: The GameThe little trailer was made specifically for the Game Awards, and features two character (Chief Hopper and Steve, maybe?) showing up outside the awards show after smashing their way through some enemies.

The success of Stranger Things is largely based on its nostalgic appeal to a lot of people who weren't even alive in the 80s and the people making the game look to be cashing in on that signature too, designing the game (in 2018!) in a 16-bit style. The people behind this are BonusXP, a developer known mostly for making mobile games, including the Stranger Things mobile game. Here's the trailer: