Earlier this week we posted a story that many Stranger Things fans were upset by the show's creators forcing the kids to kiss. Many took to Twitter saying it's just another inappropriate Hollywood move while others did not understand how grown men could force children to do something that made them uncomfortable when it wasn't in the script.  

After a video surfaced seeing one of the show's lead, Finn Wolfhard, dodging fans outside of his hotel room, once again Twitter was in an uproar calling the young star heartless for ignoring his loyal followers. Game of Thrones actress Sophia Turner was quick to have Finn's back with the following tweets: 

Finn, who plays Mike in the spooky series, tweeted his own response to the matter saying if you are a "real" fan "you will not harass my friends, or co-workers."

Of course, the other more realistic side of Twitter rallied behind Finn in support of his comments.