Since it's introduction to the Netflix catalog, Stranger Things has become a fan favorite among most binge watchers. The show hit critical acclaim upon its release and everyone's been on it. Season 2 dropped in December and after breezing through all nine episodes pretty quickly, people are waiting for the next season to drop. While it may be a a minute until we get the next season, there's no an official update on how many episodes to expect from season 3.

TVLine got the inside scoop of the episode count of Stranger Things season 3 episode count. Unfortunately for fans, you'll end up getting the same count as season 1 with only eight episodes. It seems as if the second season was a rare occasion of nine episodes. However, they've also reported that the show is set to kick off production in April.

With an official episode count update and news that they'll be kicking off production in the next few months, hopefully we end of getting the show sooner rather than later. However, if we're taking David Harbour's word on it, it might still end up dropping in 2019. The show's star explained that the Duffer brothers work between 12 to 14 hours on the script per day so it takes a while for them to develop it.

As the days pass and more information comes to light, we'll definitely be keeping you in the loop about season 3.