Before it officially drops at midnight tonight on iTunes, Chuck Inglish and Blended Babies have decided to offer up a free stream of their new album Ev Zepplin.

Laced with 10 tracks in total, the follow up to Everybody’s Big Brother features guest appearances from Asher Roth, A$ton Matthews, Alex Wiley, Boldy James, Buddy, Nate Santos, and many more. Meanwhile, production is handled by the likes of Rich Gains and JP. Here’s what the former Cool Kid producer had to say about the album…

“EV Zepplin is me when life happens. I made an album from a part of my brain that I usually don’t entertain. But I let the music tell me what story to tell. And it told a real one; a more personal musical journey and pure collaboration.” - Chuck

Having already the single “Chemdream,” fans can now stream the rest of the album for free thanks to Blended Babies' soundcloud page. Hit play and let us know what record you’re vibing with the most?