Dave East has come a long way from hanging outside the NYC bodegas & hooping at Towson University. From linking up with Nas & Mass Appeal for his Hate Me Now project to inking a deal with Def Jam back in 2016, Dave’s success has continued to rise in an upward trajectory over the past couple years, and it doesn’t looking to slowing down anytime soon. With his official studio debut album currently in the works, and rumored to feature Drake, Dave decides to come through today & hold us over in the meantime with his first EP under Def Jam called Paranoia: A True Story.

Laced with 13 tracks in total, the follow up to this year’s Kairi Chanel mixtape, named after his daughter, features guest appearances from Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, French Montana, and Dave’s mentor, Nas, who is also reportedly executive producing the Def Jam/Mass Appeal release. Other producers looking to be credited on the EP are Harry Fraud, The Breed, Amadeus, & more. Of the 13 records, three of them are interludes and skits, including “Hated Skit,” “Like Father Like Son Skit,” & “Jazzys Interlude,” which features female Bronx artist Jazzy Amra.

Talking about what we can expect from Paranoia, Dave said… “Pain. Im a nigga who wear my heart on my sleeve. so every project I put out is what Im going through in life.” “I dont’ want to say Im Paranoid, but Im Paranoid. Like I don't know who the fuck around. There’s so many new faces coming at me every day so I don't know who really fuck with me.”

Having already heard the single “Perfect” with Chris Brown, fans can now stream the project in its entirety via Apple Music. Hit play & let us know what record you’re vibing to the most?

Paranoia EP tracklist

1. “Paranoia” Feat. Young Jeezy
2. “Hated Skit”
3. “They Hated” Feat. Nas
4. “Phone Jumping” Feat. Wiz Khalifa
5. “Jazzy’s Interlude”
6. “Perfect” Feat. Chris Brown
7. “Found A Way”
8. “Maneuver” Feat. French Montana
9. “Like Father Like Son Skit”
10. “Dirty Little Secret”
11. “Wanna Be Me”
12. “Kairi Speaks”
13. “Have You Ever”