Well here it is. Just days after making the announcement, TDE releases the debut project from their newest member, Lance Skiiiwalker, called Introverted Intuition.

Laced with 13 tracks in total, the project features guest appearances from Schoolboy Q & Michael Anthony. Meanwhile, production is handled by the likes of Frank Dukes, TaeBeast, Chef Byer, Soundwave, DJ Dahi, Stefan Ponce, Dave Free, Rocket, and more. Lead by the previously heard singles “Speed” & “Lovers Lane,” which saw its music video surface yesterday, fans can now stream the project in its entirety below.

Hit play and let us know what you think. Look for the iTunes link to go live at midnight. (Tracklist below, which if you notice is in reverse order on the back album cover)

1. “Reality” (prod. by Chef Byer)
2. “Lover’s Lane” (prod. by B. New)
3. “Advantage” (prod. by J. LBS and Rocket)
4. “Toaster” Feat. Schoolboy Q (prod. by TaeBeast)
5. “Attraction” (prod. by Rocket, Carter Lang and Peter CottonTale)
6. “Skit / Her Song” (prod. by Rocket, TaeBeast and Frank Dukes)
7. “All Stop” (prod. by O’Bonjour)
8. “Sound” (prod. by Stefan Ponce)
9. “Stockholm” Feat. Michael Anthony (prod. by Rocket, THEMpeople, J. LBS and Dave Free)
10. “Speed” (prod. by Rocket)
11. “Could It Be” (prod. by O’Bonjour and TaeBeast)
12. “((Ni)) Radio” (prod. by Rocket and O’Bonjour)
13. “Forbidden Fruit” (prod. by Soundwave, DJ Dahi and Rocket)